Sophie and her head tilt

Written By Napoleon Bunnyparte - August 19 2018


October 29 2018

How’s our girl doing? Still improving?

September 29 2018

Wow! It’s such excellent news that she’s progressing so well, and all of your excellent care is really paying off! Way to go Sophie!

September 29 2018

Tough bunns! Almond, Joey, and their humans are rooting for you, Chloe!

September 29 2018

I’m happy to hear Sophie still has such a good appetite. That’s got to be a great sign! I found it was really hard to make sure my bunny Star was getting enough Critical Care when she was sick, and her weight started to drop too. My vet suggested I also use NutriCal. It’s really high calorie, and helped her to put some weight back on. She actually took that better than the Critical Care. I still used the Critical Care since it is closer to a Bunny diet and the fibre was important, but the NutriCal really brought her around. Maybe you and Sophie want to check that out and see if it helps. Sending good vibes Sophie’s way!

September 29 2018

Glad to see small victories in the blog :) Must be really stressful for all but your doing an amazin job. She was on 4 paws! Yay x

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