Sophie and her head tilt

Written By Napoleon Bunnyparte - August 19 2018


September 06 2018

I hope miracle coming ,,Shopie will back normal again ,i love bunny ,,🐇😙

September 06 2018

Glad to see there are small improvements. Sophies getting there, slowly but surely. Keep up the good work and stay strong xxx

Diana Camden
September 06 2018

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your sweet bun. Such dedication and love. I’m glad she is feeling better everyday. Seeing a sick bun breaks my heart. I lost my Luke of 10 yrs in February. I hope Sophie’s recovery continues in leaps and bounds and she begins to play and binky.


September 02 2018

You are a loving & committed bunny Mom. I pray that Sophie keeps improving! 💞

Marie Helene
September 01 2018

Hold on Sophie, we love you ! <3

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