A Rabbit's Letter to Santa

Written By Napoleon Bunnyparte - December 10 2015


December 22 2016

Omg yes! By bunny, mable, would totally go crazy if she got this stuff for xmas, she loves to climb, and pee ?, on our couch ? ?

December 22 2016

I agree 100% with Dr Phil…..I have Rex bunnies too and they are smart! The gape between rabbits and hoomin creativity is getting very narrow…….

Dr phil
December 24 2015

Damnit. My Rex read this and cc’d it to me.

Damnit rexes are too smart n cute for their own good

Mary Davis
December 12 2015

You captured the things our bunnies love!

December 12 2015

This is too hilarious! My bun Tyrion agrees with all of these.

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