Bunny Bonding.

Written By Napoleon Bunnyparte - February 23 2016


September 10 2018

PS: I think those buns enjoyed pushing my buttons! They would get along fine…but, they would almost plan a riot just to piss me off! And it would look horrible! Just a blur of fur. But, it would be over just as quickly as it began, before I could even get to them…those little frik’n, adorable punks! But, w/ some patience, a lot of swearing and laughing, and even after adding a 4th to the group, eventually we all got along! (I think better than that poor family down the hill!)

September 10 2018

Once during a bonding process, I was adding #3 to a bonded pair. The #2 accepted #3, but, #1 was still on the fence. I would turn them all out in a small yard and watch over them like a shepherd, standing by w/ a broom. They would be fine, but, the moment I took my eye off them for a second, fur would fly! I would have to dash in yelling and swearing, “Damn it, stop it you little punks! What the hell is wrong w/ you? I’ve had enough of this crap! expletive!” Of course, this was all just talk, I would be laughing at them in the next minute. The thing was I lived up above the street and would do this at night after I got home from work. My neighbors probably heard me swearing, then saw me running around chasing something w/ a broom. I’m sure they thought I was abusing small children. Then, I heard & saw the woman who lived down the hill below me actually verbally abusing her children & husband every morning, so it was clear that this activity was nothing new in the neighborhood!

Sharon Scott
February 24 2016

This is great information for the novice bunparent snd the experienced alike. Thank you.

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