Sophie and her head tilt

Written By Napoleon Bunnyparte - August 19 2018


John Catanzaro
September 01 2018

When our bunny “Grumpy” got head tilt we tried several different antibiotics and none of them seemed to work. After 4 weeks of that we switched to injectibke pennicillan and in less then 10 days she was up and running around the house like she was never sick. We had to try several different vets until anyone even suggested the pennicillan. “Grumpy” needed to be on pennicillan the rest of her life but the head tilt never came back. I’m sure your vet has considered all the possibilities but I figured I’d mention how well the pennicillan worked for us.

Angela Zachrich
September 01 2018

Oh I’m so happy to hear her new med is helping! Meclizine helped my bun too when he was falling over from an inner ear infection. Prayers that she only continues to do better and better!

Meghan Hostnik
August 22 2018

Sending love, light and strength. This breaks my heart. I let our Fluff know we need to send all our binky, happy vibes your way. He’s committed. From one bunny fam to the next, we’re cheering you on + praying for a snuggly recovery XO

Irene Findley
August 22 2018

Sophie is getting the best of care and support which is what she needs. Prayers for a speedy full recovery. I have gone through a few head tilt bunnies over the years so I fully appreciate what you are all going through!

August 20 2018

Thank you for sharing Sophie’s story! My heart goes out to you all and especially Sophie, and I hope that she recovers fully and quickly.

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