Texts from your rabbit... if your rabbit could text. PART TWO!

Written By Napoleon Bunnyparte - February 03 2016


September 10 2018

I really loved reading those texts….so on-point it was amusing. I only wish they could be an ongoing thing!!! I really think that you could share a little sample with Verizon, and then, try to negotiate a deal for the right to use your bunny texts, in exchange, for cash and other perks for the rabbit rescue that you support. I know that I’m looking for a comeback!!!!

February 06 2016

These are exactly what Oscar bun would text me! Great post.
Emma |EisforEmma.co.uk

February 05 2016

Hahaha!!! These were great! I loved them all! Thanks for sharing them… I can’t wait to see part 3! ??

February 05 2016

Oh gosh. I couldn’t stop laughing! Sooo accurate. Pleeeease make more!!!!

Emma Henderson
February 05 2016

They all have me in stitches but the Amazon box one was particularly as it’s so true – my buns go mad for Amazon boxes! Thank you for these. I hope you do more :-)

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