Texts from your rabbit... if your rabbit could text

Written By Napoleon Bunnyparte - December 03 2015


December 05 2016

OMG, that sounds exactly like any of my buns! Had a good laugh, keep it coming please please please! <3

Michael O'Leary
April 12 2016

I always laugh at the rabbit text messages, because I’m sure that’s what they would be saying

Elly, slave to Dante, Domino, Fraggle & Teebo
January 22 2016

Genius! I could imagine any one of my four writing these! Can I suggest the following (this has actually happened btw):
Fraggle: THUMP
Me (pegging it upstairs in a panic): What’s up!
Fraggle: there is a fly in our room and its buzz bothers me, get rid of it now.
Me: seriously! Ok done. Anything further your highness?
Fraggle: well, a few blueberry shredded wheats wouldn’t go amiss.
Me: well, OK since you’ve been through such a trauma, poor baby…

December 17 2015

This sounds exactly like my rabbits if they could text. Love it! Great job! I could read these all day and laugh everytime.

December 11 2015

These are so much fun; can’t stop laughing. Thank you!!

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