Travelling with your rabbit

Written By Napoleon Bunnyparte - November 04 2015


Shari Taft
September 10 2018

I’m very happy about this article I’m going away for 2nights and my brother will be staying with my bunny at my house but her routine will be different as his will be the same as any his home ..but at least they know each other still nervous though so thank you for the article

November 04 2015

Good article I just wanted to make a comment that Amtrak will not allow rabbits on their Pet friendly trains even if their is a vets certificate of health. I’ve gotten a nasty note from them when I had asked them and figured I’d let other bunny loving folks know. If anyone wants to see full emails I’ll gladly share their dislike of out beloved pets. I was very sadded of their response as I had actually planned on using them once I heard the news. Oh well, my car works well and your tips will come in handy!
I also bring frozen water bottles wrapped up in towels incase it is hot the bunny can lay against it or lick it.
Thanks for the info.

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