Scrambled Eggercise Ball


  • Scrambled Eggercise Ball
  • Scrambled Eggercise Ball

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Get ready. Things are getting serious.

Have a bunny that is just too smart for their own good? Are they ready to meet their match with extra advanced eggcercise?

Fill the ball with pellets or treats through the twist off bottom and put it on the floor. Watch your clever bunny figure out how to get their noms out! The egg shape keeps your bunny guessing as it wobbles away!

Perfect to keep bunnies active, and may cause a binky or two on the way!

Pellet dispenser is also dishwasher safe, or hand wash with hot water and soap.

  1. Open the pellet feeder by turning and releasing the lid.
  2. Fill the feeder with up to  cups (150mL) fresh dry food.
  3. Adjust the hole sizes for easy (larger holes) or hard (smaller holes) mode.
  4. When the pellet feeder is empty, remove the toy from your rabbit’s reach.

Measures about 3in x 3.5in

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