Rabbit Emergency Kit


  • Rabbit Emergency Kit
  • Rabbit Emergency Kit
  • Rabbit Emergency Kit
  • Rabbit Emergency Kit
  • Rabbit Emergency Kit
  • Rabbit Emergency Kit
  • Rabbit Emergency Kit
  • Rabbit Emergency Kit

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There is a building evacuation. You have time to grab your rabbits and one thing. This is it.

This kit also works well for those late night stasis episodes, or simply a day out. 

Kit comes in a custom insulated bag. Great for day trips and keeping vegetables cool. Bag is also fitted with an elastic for a water bottle. For shipping purposes, the water bottle is not included. 

Cards are included to remind you when to replace any feed or medication as they expire. 

Antibacterial creme x2: Good for cuts and wounds.

Cleansing wipe (Alcohol free) x2: Cleaning cuts and scrapes

Conforming bandages (Vetwrap 2in): Ideal for using on cuts and wounds. This self adhesive bandage works well on all shapes and sizes of rabbit bodies and appendages.

Cotton Balls & Swabs: For general, multipurpose usage. 

Critical Care (Oxbow, 141g): Not a replacement for the vet. Great for emergency stasis or post dental work care.

Bowl: Silicone food grade collapsable bowl for water and critical care feedings. Portable to maximize space in your kit. 

Emergency signs: For placing on your front door for rescue workers. Ships with default rabbit sign. Customizable for up to four types of animals.

Emergency Cards: For your wallet, to arrange for alternate care for your pets, should anything happen to you. 

Feed bag: A bag for your bun's feed for you to fill. The food itself is not included as each bun's food is different, and your bun's food should be kept consistent. A label is included to easily remember when to freshen up the contents.

Hand Sanitizing Wipes x4: Human use only. Wipe down your hands before cleaning wounds. Also great for wiping down surfaces if needed. 

Oxbow Natural Science Digestive Support (60 tablets): High-fiber supplement containing various herbal ingredients to support the digestion, especially under high stress.

Hay Cubes: A portable alternative to hauling a bale of hay out your front door.

Scissors (Anti-Microbial): Helps rid buns of mats, and for cutting conforming bandage

Simethicone (30mL bottle): For those late night gas stasis episodes. Great for emergency situations that can bring on stress stasis.

Styptic Powder/ Pads: A quick fix to stopping bleeds from nails that are cut to short, or any other small wounds.

Sudocrem (60g): Good for sore hocks or irritated skin. 

Syringes (10mL): Essential for any force feeding of water and critical care

Urine Pads: In an emergency evacuation, these work well in carriers to clear up messes and keep your bun's feet dry. Made of 85% recycled fiber


Possible things to add (not included with this kit):

- Your rabbit's medication

- Baby food (not included, as they are high in sugar, not for everybun)

-Bottled water (not included, as it is much more costly to ship)

*Note: Shipped items may differ slightly in brand than what is pictured. Napoleon Bunnyparte is not responsible for the misuse of any contents of this emergency kit. This kit is not a substitute for veterinary care. Use at your own discretion.

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