Kale Kick Organic Rabbit Treats

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  • Kale Kick Organic Rabbit Treats
  • Kale Kick Organic Rabbit Treats
  • Kale Kick Organic Rabbit Treats

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Is your dewlap getting in the way of those good quality grooms?

Kale is known as a 'superfood'. What does that mean for your bun? Not sure, but consumption of these tasty bits may cause symptoms like sporadic binkies and satisfied post- treat flops. Also includes dandelion, parsley, grapes, and bananas.

Each box of treats is made entirely from fresh, organic, and when possible, local produce. Unlike store bought or many homemade treats, our treats contain no colouring or fills like pellets or oats. Our fillers? Fresh dandelion and parsley!

Treats are topped with fresh orchard grass and baked to crunchy goodness. They are also packaged carefully on a bed of timothy hay to prevent crumbling.

Amount measures 500mL before they are baked, and produces over 100 bite sized treats, depending on thickness.

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