Custom Organic Rabbit Treats


  • Custom Organic Rabbit Treats
  • Custom Organic Rabbit Treats
  • Custom Organic Rabbit Treats

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We always make our treats to order as we believe this ensures freshness and quality. However, this means purchasing produce as needed. With the current crisis, we are limiting the amount of trips we take outside and are therefore discontinuing treats for the time being. We hope your bunnies will forgive us! Please stay safe and healthy!

Create rabbit treats using ONLY your rabbit's favorite vegetables and fruits!

Each back of treats is made to order from fresh, organic, and local produce. We always keep our vegetable to fruit ratio 1:10 so these treats are not too high in sugar!

Treats are topped with fresh orchard grass, and baked to crunchy goodness. They are also packaged carefully on a bed of orchard grass to prevent crumbling.

Amount measures 500mL before they are baked, and produces over 100 bite sized treats, depending on thickness.


*Others available upon request. Vegetables and fruits are subject to availability.

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