Adopt, don't shop. 

Chances are if you are here, you love bunnies like we do, and you know this already. 

We are always looking to raise awareness for special needs adoptions.

Sure, they may require a bit more care, equipment, and attention, but talk to any special needs caregiver and they will tell you that it is more than worth it. 




Sophie is recovering from Head Tilt since August, 2018. Fully immobile for two months, she's come a long way! Some rabbits recover fully, some do not but bunnies can live long and happy lives with it!




Taffy has had head tilt and neurological issues. While his tilt has recovered, he still has troubles controlling his bladder, and suffers from occasional seizures. That's not going to stop him from making friends though!

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You would think becoming a tripod bunny as an adult bunny would slow Sunday down, but she binkies like it's the weekend! 

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